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Ole Jepsen
JAOO Academy

Ole Jepsen is the Training Manager of JAOO Academy where he is responsible for all training in the areas of Requirement Engineering, Project Management and System Development Processes. He has 20 years of project experience from a number of companies in Denmark, mainly banks and insurance companies, and two years of experience from various companies in Australia.

Ole is a firm believer of lightweight and iterative processes. As a member and a signatory of the Agile Alliance he has committed himself to spread the knowledge and the use of agile values through his daily work with project management and training.

He values the substantial person-to-person face-to-face communication as the most important issue in system development projects. When he runs projects his primary focus is exactly that: How to create the perfect environment for communication within the project, and with the stakeholders of the project.


12 Strategies for Cooperative Requirement Engineering
Wednesday 13:00 - 14:00 (Conference Hall)

Requirement Engineering is easy! And having very little time to do it in makes it even easier! But only if you do it right and yes: there are a lot of traps on your way through working with requirements. But many of the traps are well known and can be avoided by following a few basic strategies.

This talk is a guided tour through a very successful development project. A cooperative atmosphere was deliberately created from the beginning by working with requirements in a cooperative and efficient way.

But why did everything go so well... was it pure luck, was it hard work or was it because the project was run after the 12 strategies for requirement engineering, that will be presented in this talk?

Come and judge for yourself...

- Time Constrained Requirement Engineering



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