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Michael Stal
Siemens CT

Michael Stal is Senior Principal Engineer at Siemens Corporate Technology where he leads a team focusing on Middleware and Application Integration. He is member of the OMG, former member of the ANSI X3J16 working group for C++ standardization, and editor of the magazine Java Spektrum. His main interests comprise OO, Java, Networked Systems and Software Architecture. Michael also served as co-author for the POSA book series (Pattern-Oriented Software Architecture). He published many articled and gave numerous talks world-wide why he is also member of several Frequent Flyer programs. In his spare-time among many other interests he is enjoying his favorite soccer team and preventing his cats from destroying his apartment.


Hitchhiker's Guide to XML Web Services
Tuesday 14:00 - 15:00 (Conference Hall)

XML Web services are one of the most prominent buzzword today. Vendors promise that XML Webservices will solve many problems in the IT industry, even those that did not exist before. Basically, XML Webservices protocols such as SOAP, WSDL, UDDI are standardized by vendor-neutral consortiums. This, indeed, is the first time that so many different vendors have agreed on common standards for integration across programming languages, middleware, Operating systems, and devices. Nonetheless, for many reasons interoperability between different implementations is not a trivial issue today. Thus, there are currently many cons and pros using XML Webservices. It is the goal of the talk to introduce the relevant XML Webservices standards, illustrate what XML Webservices are all about, and demonstrate how interoperability between implementations can be provided. Design patterns derived from J2EE patterns will be introduced that can be applied in XML Webservices scenarios. In addition, the limitations of this technology will also be covered. A future outlook concludes the talk. Small demos will be given on how to implement XML Webservices on Java using GLUE, and how to implement them in a .NET environment. The talk targets attendees interested in designing and building Web-based, Middleware-based applications.

Level: Intermediate

- Slides

Tutorial J2EE versus .NET - Step by Step Comparison

Market analysts like Gartner Group and Merrill Lynch forecast that in only a few years Microsoft .NET and Java will dominate the software market. Both platforms support a great variety of devices, support Web applications, XML, Web-Services and all the other innovative technologies that have become important today. For application developers the major concern is which of these technologies are better suited to solve their concrete problems, e.g., which platform is more suitable for developing Web applications, which one is more appropriate for desktop applications. It is the goal of this talk to illustrate differences and commonalities between Java JDKs and the competing .NET solutions as well as between the programming languages C# and Java. For this purpose, the tutorial will iterate through different parts of the platforms and compare them step by step. It is the assumption of the tutorial that most attendees have already some experiences in Java programming. Thus, the tutorial will introduce the .NET constituents in a more detailed fashion, and then compare them with their Java counterparts. The target audience of the tutorial are software developers, software architects, and anybody else interested in this topic.

Level: Introductory/Intermediate



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