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Michael G. Schwern

Schwern's code runs like a rash across CPAN, with 38 modules as of this writing, including Class::DBI, Carp::Assert, Semi::Semicolons, Sex and Test::More. Because he couldn't keep his big mouth shut, he finds himself Perl6 Quality Assurance manager. Having spoken at The Perl Conference(s) and Yet Another Perl Conference(s), its a wonder people keep inviting him to speak. When not coding up Yet Another CPAN module or beating someone over the head about testing, Schwern enjoys stuffing various sea creatures into his overalls and shooting bad technical books.


Perl 6, The Good Parts and Perl's Testing System
Monday 13:00 - 14:00 (Tools Room)

Perl 6, The Good Parts

We'll take a look at the history and on-going design of Perl 6 with a focus on what's truly revolutionary not only in the language, but even in how it's being designed, developed and funded.

The Parrot interpreter Perl's answer to JVM and .Net, Parrot is a virtual machine designed especially for the needs of dynamic languages such as Perl, Python, Ruby, Lisp and TCL. Many languages, one VM.

Topicalization A cleanup of the "default variable" concept in Perl 5, Perl 6 will have an integrated understanding of 'the current topic' allowing you to omit repetitive code just as one can often omit the subject of a sentence when speaking.

Community Funding Over $200,000 has been collected by the Perl Foundation to pay the major developers of Perl 6, over half from individuals and small companies.

Community Design Perl 1 through 4 was largely written by Larry Wall himself. The code for Perl 5 was largely written by the community. The design of the Perl 6 language itself is a first where an open community of programmers will attempt to redesign a computer language. It's been interesting...

Closures, Continuations, Currying, Everything Is An Object... You may have seen these before, but together in the same language? Learn what Perl 6 is borrowing and why.

Attributes Transcending objects and classes, each variable, method and class in Perl 6 can have modifiers attached which change it's behavior, much like adverbs. Not quite object data, not quite magic.

Perl's Testing System

Perl is unique in that every copy of Perl comes pre-installed with a powerful, fully featured automated testing system. To thicken the plot, this testing system is not derived from the XUnit philosophy. Different evolutionary tracks has lead to different solutions to difficult testing problems. Including:

Todo tests Declare that a test is expected to fail and instead warn when it succeeds. Particularly useful for the Test First philosophy.

Testing protocol The test itself and the report of it's results is done by two seperate programs which communicate to each other via a simple protocol. This protocol can make testing multi-language projects easy.

CPAN and Ubiquitous Testing CPAN is one of the largest repositories of Free Software in the world, and due to it's highly automated and integrated installation process, it is also one of the best tested. See the simple steps Perl took many years ago to ensure this.



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