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Martin Pamdeth

Martin Pamdeth has more than 10 years experience with the Borland development tools and middleware technologies ranging from Delphi, C++Builder and JBuilder to Borland Enterprise Server CORBA and J2EE solutions. He started out at Borland Scandinavia A/S in Denmark back in 1992.

After working 3 years at the Borland Europe Headquarters in Amsterdam as Product Manager for the Borland Development Tools, he is now residing in Copenhagen, Denmark. He works as part of the Borland Nordic team as a Technical Business Development Manager. Martin holds a M.Sc.E.E. from The Technical University of Denmark.


The End-to-End Java Experience. using Java development technology to its full potential!
Monday 14:15 - 15:15 (Tools Room)

Java is at the heart of modern technology solutions and systems spanning from back-end servers, to traditional desktop, to diverse hand-held and embedded devices. So much more is possible with Java, much more than you could have imagined one year ago.

Organizations are however not just building new solutions, but also now maintaining existing Java-based systems, and requirements for implementing and maintaining these systems have increased dramatically.

Even with new platform specifications becoming available, developers will see that an easy to understand language does not free them from learning the in's and out's of development, in other words; An Integrated Development Environment is no longer sufficient, development teams require a solution to help deal with issues all the way from inception to deployment and maintenance, aka "The Application Lifecycle Management Solution"

You will see how to boost your development process and manage the application life cycle, use of team collaboration and how to optimize your code for optimal performance and quality.

Come and hear Borland, the visionary in development and Java, discuss the next generation of Implementation Solutions by walking through a live End-to-End example focusing on a day in the life of a Java developer.

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