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Linda Rising
Independent Consultant

Linda Rising is an independent consultant. She has a Ph.D. from Arizona State University in the area of object-based design metrics. Her background includes university teaching experience as well as work in industry in the areas of telecommunications, avionics, and strategic weapons systems. She has been working with object technologies since 1983.

She is the editor of A Patterns Handbook, A Pattern Almanac 2000, and Design Patterns in Communications Software.

She has a number of publications including: "The Scrum Software Development Process for Small Teams," in the July-August 2001 issue of IEEE Software and "Agile Meetings," in the July/August 2002 issue of STQE.

She has presented a number of tutorials and workshops at OOPSLA and other conferences.

She is currently co-authoring two books. One with Mary Lynns to appear in 2002: Fear Less: and other patterns for introducing patterns (or any new idea) into organizations and a second with Caroline King, Daniel May, and Steve Sanchez: Patterns for Building a Beautiful Company.


Using Patterns to Improve Process Improvement
Wednesday 10:15 - 11:00 (Tutorial Room)

Using Patterns to Improve Process Improvement

In the new economy, new process approaches are needed. We are seeing lightweight methodologies like eXtreme Programming and Scrum but are we forgetting that process improvement itself must be implemented iteratively? How can we improve if we can't learn quickly? Documenting successes as patterns and learning as fast as we can from our mistakes will help us. There are many approaches to knowledge management and patterns is just one of those. Patterns do more than capture good design practices, they are also useful for documenting process and organizational strategies.

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Tutorial, Friday Morning, half day

Introducing Patterns (or Any New Idea) Into Organizations

Many people who attend JAOO or other conferences find new ideas that they wish to take back to their organizations, but then struggle to make something happen. This tutorial will help participants understand what successful change agents have learned while attempting to introduce new ideas into their organizations. The lessons learned have been documented in a growing pattern language titled Introducing Patterns (or any new idea) into Organizations. This session will present the problems and solutions documented in this language and allow participants to discuss and discover answers to the challenges they have encountered while introducing new ideas into their organizations.



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