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Laurent Seraphin
Borland Software Corporation

Laurent Séraphin is EMEA director of software products at Borland. He joined Borland two and a half years ago as he saw that the market for Borland's products was about to take off and wanted to be a part of the new developments. Laurent is now responsible for handling the larger strategic accounts' technology needs and for evangelizing the strengths of Borland's best-in-class technology solutions on a pan-European level.

Laurent has been working in the IT sector since 1994. Originally from France, he worked in various countries for technology companies including Ardent Software on its O2 object database product line and for ILOG, the world leader in C++ and Java software components. Laurent is an experienced and charismatic speaker.


Clustering, partitioning and complex integrated architecture with J2EE
Tuesday 15:30 - 16:15 (Java Room)

Java based application servers have been maturing over the last few years to the point where they are becoming mature technology with real infrastructure benefits for most IT organizations. While specifications evolve it is important to be able to put in place real-life enterprise-class deployment that meet business constraints of lower cost and reliable scalability. Such challenges can be achieved by using clustering and partitioning technologies. At the same time architectural issues are simplified with greater J2EE integration capabilities.



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