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Jan Schoubo
BEA Systems

Mr. Schoubo has worked with computers since 1976, starting with GIER and since writing technical and commercial applications on CDC/Cyber, Siemens, Digital/VAX/Alpha and Intel systems. Since 1980 he worked at Danish Land Development in Viborg developing database- and 4GL systems as well as CAD and Survey systems for the production of high quality GIS-based maps. In 1988 he joined Digital where specialized in DB/OLTP and CASE tools.

Currently he is solution architect in BEA Systems in Denmark.

He has also been active in DECUS (Digital Equipment User Society), first as danish board member and european SIG member (Methods, Languages and Tools), later as DECrep to the danish board.

Mr. Schoubo has given numerous presentations, workshops and courses at trade and technical conferences.


JSR-181 on Web Services Metadata and BEA WebLogic Workshop
Wednesday 13:00 - 14:00 (Java Room)

This presentation introduces the JSR-181 Web Services Metadata for the Java Platform and describes how this proposal is realized in the BEA WebLogic Workshop.

The Web Services Metadata initiative expands and greatly simplifies how a container can offer Web Services, by reducing a large portion of "bread and butter" code to simple, standardized configuration - not unlike EJB deployment descriptors. The Metadata can describe the Web Services, and enable such features as asynchronous calls and JMS queueing.

The focus of this presentation will be architectural but will touch on "real code".

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