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Frank Westphal
Independent Consultant

Frank Westphal is an independent trainer and consultant from Hamburg, Germany. He has been developing object-oriented software in various roles since the early 1990s. In 1999, he formed a team which used all of the practices of XP. Since then he has helped introducing many of the practices and principles of XP into other organizations.


Sharpening the Saw (part 1)
Tuesday 10:45 - 12:00 (Tutorial Room)

In this tutorial, we'll present a greatest hits collection of agile software development practices, techniques, and tools.

We'll take a look at as diverse topics as continuous integration and frequent deployment, automation of different sorts of tests, collaboration tools, mock objects, project planning and tracking, variable-scope contracts, and iteration retrospectives.

- Slides

Sharpening the Saw (part 2)
Tuesday 13:00 - 13:45 (Tutorial Room)



Test-Driven Development, Thursday (full-day tutorial)

Test-Driven Development is a quality-oriented programming technique that helps you grow your software in small increments.

As a developer, you will write automated code-level unit tests that help you build the software right. As a tester, you will supply automated system-level acceptance tests that help the developers build the right software.

Working this way has a number of benefits, among them being able to change any code in the system with absolute confidence, therefore tremendously reducing your programming stress.

This tutorial will have short introductory talks, but primarily it will teach you first-hand experience with required development techniques, such as unit testing, test-first programming, refactoring, continuous integration, acceptance testing, and isolation testing with mock objects.

So please bring along a laptop computer and your favorite Java development environment. You can arrange to bring one computer per two programmers. It would be beneficial but it's not mandatory to load and test JUnit ( prior to this class.

If you have any testing problems, please write them down on an index card and bring it with you, so we can discuss it during the tutorial.



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