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Craig Larman

Craig Larman is the author of Applying UML and Patterns. An Introduction to OOA/D and the Unified Process, the world's best-selling text on OOA/D, iterative development, and the UML, translated to many languages and used worldwide in industry and colleges. He also co-authored the Java 2 Performance and Idiom Guide.

He is known throughout the international software community as an expert and coach in object technologies, OOA/D, patterns, the UML, modeling, the Unified Process (UP), combining the UP with XP and Scrum practices, and iterative agile development methods. Craig is a popular speaker at public and private industry conferences worldwide, and presents both keynotes and tutorials . Please see for an updated description of current activities. He travels worldwide to fulfill his passion to serve people through coaching, speaking, and education, helping software organizations succeed with high-impact best practices such as iterative and agile methods, design patterns, automated continuous integration, and test-first design and programming.

In addition to writing the best-selling Applying UML and Patterns, Craig has served as Director of Process at Valtech, an international consulting group with offices in eight countries. Prior to joining Valtech, Craig served as a Technical Director at ObjectSpace, a leading-edge group that created products such as Voyager, the agent-based distributed computing platform.

Since the mid-80s, Craig has assisted thousands in Canada, the USA, India, and Europe in adopting skillful development processes, developing object systems, or in learning to apply OOA/D, architectural analysis, requirements analysis, analysis and design patterns, the UML, C++, Java technologies, and Smalltalk. He started developing software in 1977, working in high-power languages such as APL. In the early 1980s, he started to focus on artificial intelligence and knowledge systems , and worked as a Lisp, Prolog, Smalltalk, and 4GL developer and consultant, while also coaching people in object technologies. He?s helped build applications ranging from a knowledge system for the interpretation of cytogenetic defects, to investment management from payments for future funeral services (you should see the domain model), to high-performance simulation systems. Craig holds a B.Sc. and M.Sc. in computer science from beautiful SFU in Vancouver, BC, with research emphasis in artificial intelligence, OO knowledge representations, and case-based reasoning. Craig plays rather bad lead guitar in his part-time blues-oriented band, The Changing Requirements.


Defending the Middleweight Title: UP and XP
Monday 11:00 - 12:00 (Java Room)

The XP has much to commend it, and its creators have been careful to define the boundaries of its applicability. But not every project can be, or should be, run the XP way. Contrary to some misperception, the Unified Process (particularly the RUP refinement) is itself an agile and adaptive process, and can - indeed, should - be combined with the majority of XP practices. Yet, the UP has some different - and I claim, more skillful - values and practices, and extends beyond the scope of project size and disciplines covered by XP. You'll learn why the UP is a better fit for most projects than pure XP, its added value, aspects of the XP that are inconsistent with the UP, and how to combine the UP with some XP practices to define an agile UP.

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"Aspect-Oriented and Meta-Programming with AspectJ" Thursday morning, half day

"Agile UP" - Thursday afternoon, half day



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