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Brian Foote
The Refactory

Brian Foote has over twenty-one years of professional software development experience. He has been working with Smalltalk and objects since 1985. Brian has written numerous papers on Smalltalk, object-oriented design, software reuse, patterns, and software architecture. He used Smalltalk to prototype an extensive framework for scientific laboratory experimental control and data acquisition. He subsequently implemented this framework, OSIRIS, in C++ and sold it commercially. It is currently in use at several universities and research firms.

Brian was also involved in the development of the object-oriented enterprise frameworks developed at the Illinois Department of Public Health. His current research, on using objects to build better object-oriented languages, is being conducted in Smalltalk. Brian is the author of over two-dozen published patterns and has been working with patterns for a long time, writing his first pattern paper for the first PLoP conference in 1994, and chaired the PLoP'96, conference on software patterns.


Monday 11:00 - 12:00 (Tutorial Room)

The Evolution of Soft Machines

It is now widely recognized that any successful software artifact must evolve continuously to cope with changing requirements. Still, all too many systems are rigid and inscrutable, and defy change. Indeed, a case can that architecturally, most systems are little more than Big Balls of Mud. Why does good software go bad? Can this be avoided? Can such erosion be reversed? What sort of architectures encourage evolution?

While a variety of approaches have been advanced to address these issues, the role reflection and metalevel architectures can play to make systems more flexible is only now being acknowledged. An emerging convergence of generative approaches, reflection, frameworks, components, metadata, dynamic translation, patterns, and adaptive object models may be one of the keys to combating software entropy.



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