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Bo Leuf
Independent Consultant

Bo Leuf is foremost a consulting "designer-communicator", who alternately practices as technical communicator and facilitator, as teacher and mentor, and as documentation and translations expert. He lives in Gothenburg, Sweden, and writes a lot... Bo is a regular freelance contributor of feature articles to Datormagazin, Sweden’s largest and most prestigious computer periodical, and covers some conferences (such as JAOO) for the magazine. Published books include Outlook 2000 in a Nutshell (co-authored, O'Reilly, 2000), The Wiki Way (with Ward, Addison-Wesley, 2001), and Peer to Peer (Addison-Wesley, 2002).


"Wiki = Agile Collaboration"
Tuesday 14:00 - 15:00 (Tools Room)

Wiki is "the simplest online database that could possibly work" in the words of its creator, Ward Cunningham. It provides a server-side tool to create and manage Open Content on the Web. Wiki is unusual in that it's a minimalist yet flexible solution for content co-authoring that allows anyone with a forms capable browser to play, and in that it allows both content and structure to be edited by anyone. Wiki can also be a personal, Internet- aware, relational notebook and presentational tool. The presentation intends to touch on some of the fundamental properties of a simple Wiki system and discuss some of the issues relevant both to personal use and to public deployment. The public Wiki used for the presentation will allow continued discussions after the conference.

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