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Bernd Mathiske
Sun Microsystems

Bernd Mathiske is the project lead for the CLDC HotSpot(TM) Implementation (CLDC HI) at Sun Microsystems, Inc.

He has worked on several projects at Sun Labs that involved virtual machine implementation techniques (PJama, Klein) and led development efforts for persistent object caching (PEVM) and process checkpointing (CheckSpot).

Before joining Sun in 1997, Bernd worked at Sony Research Europe designing mobile communication programming middleware. From 1985 to 1995, Bernd was a free-lance programmer and consultant, producing various application and system software in numerous different industries.

Bernd holds a doctoral degree in computing science from the University of Hamburg, Germany, where he was one of the designers and main implementors of the Tycoon programming system.


Project Monty: Implementing a High-Performance Java(tm) Virtual Machine for Mobile Devices
Monday 13:00 - 14:00 (Java Room)

The CLDC HotSpot(TM) Implementation is a new high-performance Java(TM) Virtual Machine from Sun Microsystems, Inc. for the CLDC configuration of J2ME. The presentation will outline the technical background of the project code-named "Monty" that developed this new product.

Much of the overall architecture and many implementation techniques are derived from the HotSpot(TM) Implementation for J2SE. These have been adapted to and combined with experiences with the KVM and some new ideas to achieve fast byte code execution while maintaining low footprint.

A glance at CLDC HI performance will be given by running some demonstration programs using the MIDP profile.

Slides will not be available, due to copyright from Sun



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