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This year we have an extensive program of tutorials. There will be two types of tutorials:

First there are the comparatively short tutorials, which are a part of the conference program and typically last 45 minutes.
These tutorials will e.g. focus on one single problem solution in programming language, or it could be that an aspect of a certain problem is discussed.

Second there are the intensive tutorials which last for either a half or full day. These are held in the two days right after the conference.
These tutorials are led by acknowledged researchers and engineers. At JAOO 2000 for instance we had tutorials with Kent Beck and Rebecca Wirfs-Brock.

Tutorials at JAOO 2001
Thursday 13 and Friday 14 September

Planning Adaptive Projects, Half day
Thursday 13 September, Morning
Martin Fowler, ThoughtWorks

Architectural Design of Distributed Enterprise Systems, Half day
Thursday 13 September, Morning
Trygve Reenskaug, Professor Emeritus

Agile UP, Half day
Thursday 13 September, Morning
Craig Larman, Valtech

Designing a Light Methology, Half day
Thursday 13 September, Afternoon
Alistar Cockburn, Humans and Technology

Object-Oriented Reasoning and Working Style, Full day
Thursday 13 September
Kristen Nygaard, Creator of the SIMULA

Test-first Programming with JUnit, Full day
Friday 14 September
Frank Westphal

Enterprise Development J2EE 1.3, Full day
Friday 14 September
Kim Harding Christensen, Trifork Technologies

Ruby in a Day, Full Day
Friday 14 September
Andy Hunt and Dave Thomas, Pragmatic Programmers

Introduction to Rational Unified Process (RUP) - Precipio Pursuit, Full Day
Friday 14 September
Aino Cornils and Ole Jepsen, JAOO Academy

NOTE: It is possible to take a morning and afternoon tutorial, in that case you pay a Full day tutorial.

Tutorials in the technical program will correspond with the main subjects in the program:
  • Software Design
  • Extreme Programming in Practice
  • Architecture and Methods
  • Managing Software Projects
  • Scripting - the glue
  • Middleware
  • Pervasive Computing

Alistar Cockburn giving a
tutorial at JAOO 2000