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Steve Vinoski is Chief Architect and VP Platform Technologies for IONA Technologies in Boston, MA. Steve is also an IONA Fellow. He and Michi Henning are the authors of "Advanced CORBA Programming with C++", published in January 1999 by Addison Wesley Longman, and he has written the "Object Interconnections" column for the C/C++ Users Journal (and formerly for SIGS C++ Report) for the past six years with Dr. Douglas C. Schmidt. Steve's current technical interests lie in the areas of business-to-business integration (B2Bi) and Web Services.

The Truth About Web Services

Web Services represents the evolution of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), traditional middleware such as CORBA, COM, and J2EE, and the Web itself. Because the convergence of these three important areas of technology into Web Services has broad industry support and interest, Web Services has the chance to avoid the market and standards fragmentation that have plagued its middleware ancestors. If this support continues and industry-wide Web Services standards come to be, Web Services will become a truly ubiquitous distributed systems platform.

Unfortunately, with such broad industry support comes unreasonable expectations and hype. Not surprisingly, Web Services currently gets a lot of attention as the next "Silver Bullet" that will magically solve all of our distributed computing problems. Such expectations could very well hurt, not help, progress on the Web Services front. In this talk, I discuss what practical Web Services are, how they're evolving, and what problems they can solve. I also discuss the hype surrounding Web Services and present some actual examples where unreasonable expectations are being created.


Policies and Patterns for QoS-enabled Middleware (Best Practise, Middleware and Enterprise Systems)
Steve Vinoski, Iona
Wednesday [10:30 - 11:15] Session Room 1

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The Truth About Web Services (Technology, Middleware and Enterprise Systems)
Steve Vinoski, Iona
Wednesday [11:15 - 12:00] Session Room 1

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