Michael Kircher
Senior Software Engineer, Siemens CT

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Michael Kircher is currently working as Senior Software Engineer at Siemens AG Corporate Technology in Munich, Germany. His main fields of interest include distributed and real-time object computing, software architectures, design patterns, and eXtreme programming.

He is also an active member of the Centre for Distributed Object Computing at Washington University in Saint Louis where he is involved in the development of the Real-Time CORBA implementation TAO (The ACE ORB).

During the last years he published at numerous conferences on topics such as patterns, open-source, software architectures for distributed systems, and extreme programming. Further, he jointly organized several workshops at conferences such as OOPSLA and EuroPLoP.

In his current work he is involved in the development of UMTS base stations. He is project lead responsible for the distribution architecture and the integration of CORBA middleware.

When away from his notebook he loves to enjoy nature, on foot, by bike, or hunting accompanied by his dog. On nice summer evenings he enjoys tasty Italian food on the patio of his favorite restaurant.

eXtreme Programming in Open-Source and Distributed Environments

eXtreme Programming proved its applicability to small projects, there is no doubt about this. The question is: How does it adapt and scale, if it scales at all?

This talk discusses the experiences the author gained in membership of large, open-source framework developments, as well as in distributed development teams applying XP practices.

Projects with such properties have special needs. For example the roles of customer and business are blurred if you are doing framework development, as no ultimate customer is available. How can you adapt XP to overcome this?

Doing development with a distributed team gets especially hard, as the close physical proximity which XP assumes, is lost? How can you still apply XP in such an environment?

These and other questions will be answered in this talk.


eXtreme Programming in Open-Source and Distributed Environments (Best Practise, Extreme Programming)
Michael Kircher, Siemens CT
Monday [15:30 - 16:30] Conference Hall

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