Brett Hodges
Applications Engineer, Sitraka

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Brett Hodges is an Applications Engineer at Sitraka. His responsibilities include identifying technologies in order to offer the best Java solutions that will meet customer requirements, customer training and technical training sessions for partners. An engineer and a developer, Mr. Brett Hodges has worked on Signal Processing, Medical Imaging and J2EE Applications. He is well versed in the development process, offering a strong understanding of the challenges in bringing quality software products to the market. On top of building a high technical knowledge, he has gained a valuable experience in technical consultation.

Java Memory Management

One of the strengths of the Java environment (in both the language and the JVM) is its emphasis on memory safety. While greatly aiding programmer productivity, many Java programmers are not aware of the memory-based problems that can arise within their Java applications.After reviewing the strengths (and limitations) of Java's memory model, this session emphasizes that the the key to effective memory management in Java is effective reference management. We highlight reference management issues in class library and application framework design (especially in the context of J2EE applications) and provide effective design and implementation techniques (including the Reference object framework introduced in Java 2).


Java Memory Management (Business, Pervasive computing)
Brett Hodges, Sitraka
Monday [13:30 - 14:00] Session Room 2

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