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Ernest Micklei, PhilemonWorks

 Ernest  Micklei

Ernest Micklei has been doing object-oriented programming since 1992 when he started to work with Smalltalk (ObjectWorks 2.3). As a consultant, he has been involved in many commercial Smalltalk projects for the insurance, finance and transport industry. In 2004 he entered the Enterprise Java world and developed web applications and services as part of SOA implementations.

He is owner of many open-source projects such as SelfDiagnose (Java), Pocogese (Ruby), Dunelox (ActionScript) and Cloudfork (Smalltalk).

Recently, he got interested in cloud computing and designing scalable architectures. After completing some Ruby and Rails projects, he re-entered the Smalltalk community and is working on bringing them into "the cloud".

He blogs about his work on philemonworks.com and blog.doit.st.

Presentation: "The Sky is the Limit: Cincom WebVelocity"

Time: Wednesday 10:15 - 11:15

Location: C103 Music Hall


This talk is about the experience of replacing an inhomogeneous mix of technologies for a complex commercial web application with the leading edge integrated all-in-one environment WebVelocity.

WebVelocity is a development and deployment environment to easily and quickly develop both complex and simple commercial web applications. It is a fully in-browser development environment to deploy in or out of the cloud. It is built on and extends the open-source frameworks Seaside and Glorp.

The presented application is part of a commercial air pilot training system, handling the online exam training (theoretical part) both for students and for exam administration. It was initially built using Java Web Start and J2EE with a XML database and a large number of technologies like HTML/JavaScript, Java, XML, Ruby, Flex, Postgres and further frameworks, some of which were discontinued in the course of the project.

Ernest will share his experiences in using WebVelocity for rewriting this online system and deploying it in a staging environment. He’ll demonstrate how WebVelocity provides an interactive all-in-one environment that helped him to improve productivity, performance, maintainability and reliability. Maintainability was also improved by WebVelocity being a commercially backed environment.