Presentation: "Case Study: Wind Sports Mashup on Google App Engine"

Time: Wednesday 10:15 - 11:15

Location: Store Sal


Google App Engine (GAE) is an interesting foundation for running web applications. Running web applications on GAE, however, comes at a price: GAE applications are subject to Google's infrastructure. At first glance, GAE severely restricts your freedom to use the idioms that have been used for more than a decade, but most restrictions are there for good reason.

In this case study, Jakob Dam describes the design and implementation of a global wind sports mashup for wind- and kitesurfers based on GAE. The mashup utilizes global weather data, Google Maps, and a number of other web services. It is highlighted how GAE's restrictions change fundamental design principles, their effect on the resulting application, and how these restrictions are reflected in the application's design.

Keywords:GAE, mashup, geographical information systems, Geohash, REST

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Jakob Aarøe Dam, Newly educated computer scientist

 Jakob  Aarøe Dam

Jakob Dam is a software engineer and newly educated computer scientist from Aarhus University.

He is a passionate developer of web applications, and is the co-creator of a web based watch planning system for the police force in Aarhus.

In his spare time he plays handball and enjoys kitesurfing. That wind sport madehim wish for a mashup that would say where and when to kite surf, which is the topic of his MSc dissertation. The mashup is available at