Presentation: "Learning F# and the Functional Point of View"

Time: Wednesday 14:40 - 15:30

Location: Musikhuset C 103

Abstract: F# is a functional programming language that targets the .NET framework, it started life as a Microsoft Research Project and is now being productized by a team product team collocated in Redmond and Cambridge. In this presentation we present what you need to know to start having fun with F#, and use it productively. We´ll show you all the basics of the language as well as looking at F#´s rich and interesting type system, see how its powerful type inference makes programs shorter and easier to understand, and how it makes using immutable data types simpler. We also look at what we mean by functional programming and why it is becoming more popular.
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Robert Pickering, LexiFi

 Robert  Pickering Robert is a published author and software engineer for LexiFi. His book "Foundations of F#" was published in May 2007 by Apress. He works at LexiFi developing software for the management of swaps, options and other derivates.