Presentation: "Zero Turnaround in Java Development"

Time: Tuesday 15:40 - 16:30

Location: Kammermusik

Abstract: Turnaround is the time it takes for the changes in code to propagate to the running application. It includes build time, deploy time and initialization time. Recently, developments in the Java ecosystem and IDEs have made it possible to develop software with zero turnaround. In this Fireside Chat, Jevgeni Kabanov will provide an overview of these developments, which include dynamic languages like Groovy, JavaScript and JRuby, framework support for reloading like Tapestry 5 and RIFE, module approach in OSGi and generic class reloading approaches like HotSwap, JavaRebel and FastSwap. With each approach, we?ll discuss benefits and limitations. We also review how to set up your build environment to get least possible turnaround whether you program legacy code or start from scratch.
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R&D leader Jevgeni Kabanov, ZeroTurnAround

R&D leader Jevgeni  Kabanov For the last five years, Jevgeni has been the R&D lead of Webmedia, Ltd, the largest custom software development company in the Baltics. During that time, he has spearheaded the movement to decrease the development turnaround time. As a result, two products (JavaRebel and JspWeaver) were developed under the trademark ZeroTurnaround, of which Jevgeni is the technical lead. Both projects contributed directly to the immense reduction in turnaround time. Jevgeni is also a co-founder of the open source Aranea project.