Presentation: "Enterprise Java goes OSGi: The SpringSource Application Platform"

Time: Tuesday 14:40 - 15:30

Location: Kammermusik

Abstract: Every since its creation Java EE has been synonymous with Enterprise Java and for about 10 years no new approaches have been tried. In other areas dynamic systems based on OSGi are common place - look at Eclipse or the embedded world. Based on OSGi and Tomcat, the SpringSource Application Platform (AP) offers a style for the development of Enterprise Java applications. This talk will provide an overview of AP and give some practical examples of this new technology. Also the implication for the architecture of modern Enterprise Java systems will be discussed.
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Adrian Colyer, SpringSource

 Adrian  Colyer

Adrian Colyer is the Chief Technology Officer for SpringSource, the company behind the Spring Framework. He provides direction and oversees development for the products in the Spring Portfolio. Adrian is the leader of the AspectJ project at, and the founder of the AJDT and Spring OSGi projects.

In 2004 he was recognised by MIT Technology Review as one of the Top 100 "young innovators" in the world. Adrian also serves on a number of industry groups including the Aspect-Oriented Software Association Steering Committee, the OSGi Enterprise Expert Group, and the Eclipse Architecture Council.