JAOO Conference >>
JAOO is the Premier European Conference on Software, Engineering, Methods and Best Practices.

JAOO IT-run >>
JAOO IT-run is your chance to run a Danish mile (7.532 km) in the city of Aarhus. Next running event is October 3, 2006.

In co-operation with OMG JAOO presents OMG Information days in Scandinavia. The next information day is in Oslo, April 19, 2006, and deals with "BPM based on DA and SOA".

Geronimo Seminar >>
As JAOO conference JAOO seminar presents in-depth sessions on a wide range of software engineering related topics. The next seminar is in Copenhagen March 2 - 3, 2006 and deals with Apache Geronimo - Open Source.

EOS >>

The organizer of JAOO events, EOS (Eastfork Object Space), is a Danish software house.

In 1996 when Jørn Larsen and Kim Harding Christensen co-founded EOS Java was something new. They both wanted to dedicate their energy and resources to Java and OO software engineering. Also in 1996 they organized the first JAOO conference.

In 1999, after finishing his PhD., Kresten Krab Thorup joined EOS as partner. The specialization and focus on Java was very successful and combined with hard work, EOS expanded.

Since 2003 .NET and MS technologies have been a part of the EOS portfolio, and .NET is now also a subject on JAOO.

EOS has developed EPR (electronic patient records), J2EE Application Server (T4 and M4), Java and J2EE tuning products (P4 and L4), and .NET solutions for the financial world. The annual JAOO conference has about 1000 participants.

Today the EOS Group has expertise that only few in the software industry can match.

EOS is independent of commercial partners and members of the program committee are free to choose whom they like to invite. This independence allows us to attract great speakers and make events that we as developers, project managers and business leaders would like to attend ourselves. That's the basic philosophy.

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If you have wishes on speakers, subjects or ideas on specific technologies please let us know at jaoo@jaoo.dk