The Apache Geronimo JEE Server is a third generation application server built in a true open source environment. The Geronimo server is built by developers from IBM, Trifork and former JBOSS Group employees. In that way the Geronimo Implementation is more advanced, faster and more robust than what is on the market today.

Geronimo will have a big potential in being the consolidation solution for Enterprises. In many cases companies have more than one J2EE product implemented and they will be able to reduce TCO by migrating to one common platform.

This seminar will explain in details where Geronimo is today and you can learn how you develop with Geronimo. You will also have the chance to see examples from the real world where customers have used Geronimo in a successful way.

Geronimo Seminar is for everyone who uses application servers; developers, operation managers, project managers and decision makers.

Why attend the Geronimo Seminar?

  • to experience open source used on a practical level
  • this is yet another area where open source has matured and become a serious alternative to commercial products
  • to be part of the growing community
  • to network through the community
  • to get started with Geronimo or IBM WebSphere Community Edition