Exploring the technology behind business process modeling and business activity monitoring is an important goal; every technical practioner is trying to match SOA, MDA, BPM and other technical solutions to the business problems he must address. But benchmarking your own solutions (or plans) against real success stories is even more important.

There are already plentiful products in the business process space and books aplenty; obviously there has been some success already in using this technology. The next step will be solutions for interoperability, portability and reuse in this space, and this is the focus of the Object Management Groupô and its standards processes, based on the Model Driven Architecture.

The participants of this information day will be informed on the newest developments and technological ideas in the BPM area.

OMG Information Day in Oslo

OMG Information Day takes place in Oslo April 19. JAOO is partner with OMG and is organizing the Information Days in Scandinavia.

Perspective and Reflection

The events JAOO organizes differs from related events by a high technical level in the presentations. The participants are software developers, project managers and decision makers in such fields as Java, .NET, XP, Agile, project management and more. During the day companies within the industry will exhibit to show related solutions and products. The exhibition is open all day.

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