The intention of the JAOO conference is to create one week of interesting subjects, high level sessions and provocative theories in the field of .NET, Java and object-oriented software engineering.

Back when we launched the first JAOO ten years ago, we felt that there were really no good developer conferences in our field - only highly commercial conferences with poor quality material. We've been able to pull together a very nice conference, which we believe is interesting for the attendees as well as the speakers.

Frank Buschmann and Martin Fowler
Buffet at the city hall

We ourselves select and invite most of the speakers to come here. Since we are independent of commercial partners we are free to choose whom we would like to invite. This allows us to attract great speakers and make a conference that we would like to attend ourselves.

That's the basic philosophy. As it turns out, the speakers like coming here, too. So much the better.

All Time Speakers

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