MDA provides an open, vendor-neutral approach to the challenge of interoperability, building upon and leveraging the value of OMG's established modeling standards:

Unified Modeling Language (UML); Meta-Object Facility (MOF); and Common Warehouse Meta-model (CWM).

Platform-independent Application descriptions built using these modeling standards can be realized using any major open or proprietary platform, including CORBA, Java, .NET, XMI/XML, and Web-based platforms.

As new platforms and technologies emerge, MDA enables rapid development of new specifications that use them, streamlining the process of integration. In this way, MDA goes beyond middleware to provide a comprehensive, structured solution for application interoperability and portability into the future.

MDA in Stockholm & Copenhagen

OMG Information Days takes place in Stockholm August 17 and in Copenhagen August 18. JAOO is a new partner with OMG, and is organizing the Information Days for the first time.

Please see Press Release >> (PDF)

Location in Stockholm: IT-Företagen, Blasieholmsgaten 5 in Stockholm City. Location in Copenhagen: to be announced.

Model Driven Architecture

The focus of the day is to present the latest news on MDA, discuss experiences and talk about the future of MDA. Both the keynote speakers and the local speakers are carefully selected in co-ordination with OMG, invited because of their technical skill.

Perspective and Reflection

The events JAOO organizes differs from related events by a high technical level in the presentations. The participants are software developers, project managers and decision makers in such fields as Java, .NET, XP, Agile, project management and more. During the day companies within the industry will exhibit to show related solutions and products. The exhibition is open all day.


The MDA seminar in Stockholm is organized in partnership with IT-Företagen and the event takes place at Blasieholmsgaten in Stockholm. The location for Copenhagen is to be announced. The day includes lunch and service during the day and you will always find an exhibition in relation with the event. For registration >>