The conference is built around 12 focus tracks. Four tracks run parallel each day, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Each focus track has a theme and a fixed structure.

The focus tracks start with an introductory talk. If you don't need an introduction to your preferred focus track, take the opportunity to sit in on an introduction to one you are less familiar with.

The focus track continues with expository talks from speakers that are intimately familiar with the subject, either because they built it, or because they are experienced users.

We conclude the focus track with a panel discussion. This is where the experts (and you!) can challenge one another on the direction the industry is, or should be, taking.

Exhibitor from JAOO 2003

.NET Best Practices

.NET Whidbey

Agile Software Development


Domain-Driven Development

Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition

Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition

Booksigning, JAOO 2003


Pervasive Computing

Service-Oriented Architectures, SOA

Software Process Improvement, SPI

Test-Driven Development


Web Services