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Alan O'Callaghan, De Montfort University

/alltime/images/speakers/allan_callaghan.jpg Alan O'Callaghan is a senior researcher in the Software Technologies Research Laboratory in the Faculty of Computing Sciences and Engineering at De Montfort University in the UK. His main research area is software architecture, and he has authored a pattern language for software architecture called 'Janus'. Besides researching and teaching at his University he is a practicing consultant in Europe and America with a high visibility in the migration of legacy systems to Object and Component-Based architectures. Alan has edited two books on Object Technology, and has recently collaborated with Ian Graham on the Third Edition of the book, Object-Oriented Methods. He is currently working on a book on software architecture and patterns (based on the Janus pattern language) due out in October, and another project, editing a collection of classic papers on objects with Kevlin Henney. He is a regular contributor to the 101/SIGS journal, Application Development Advisor writing a column on architecture and legacy system migration.


Attended conferences

JAOO 2003