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Mike Keith, Oracle

/alltime/images/speakers/mike_keith.jpg Mike Keith has 15 years of teaching, research and practical experience in object-based and object-oriented systems, specializing in object persistence. His expertise with distributed persistent object systems has come from designing and implementing numerous persistent object systems for Fortune 100 corporations. He has been involved in EJB since its initial release through spec reviews and CMP implementation products. He is an architect for Oracle's TopLink and OC4J EJB Container products and has recently been engaged in helping architect Oracle's EJB 3.0 implementation in OC4J. Mike has spoken at numerous conferences and events and is active on various mentoring forums. He is the co-specification lead of EJB 3.0 (JSR 220) and also represents Oracle on the Java EE 5 expert group (JSR 244).

Attended conferences

JAOO 2005
QCon London 2007