Presentation: "V8: The JavaScript Engine Inside Google Chrome"

Time: Tuesday 09:00 - 10:00

Location: Store Sal

Abstract: V8 is the all-new high performance JavaScript engine that powers the Google Chrome browser. V8 uses advanced virtual machine technology, creating "hidden classes" on the fly for an optimized implementation of the classless JavaScript language. In this talk Lars Bak, the V8 tech lead, will show you how his team at Google created a language implementation that is optimized for well-designed object oriented applications in the browser, that make heavy use of objects, function calls, and property access.
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Tech Lead Manager Lars Bak, Google

Tech Lead Manager Lars  Bak Lars is the Tech Lead Manager for Google in Aarhus Denmark. Bak is a veteran of high performance object-oriented virtual machine development. He worked on the implementation of Self at Sun labs, was a core developer of the Java VM that became Sun's HotSpot. He was tech lead on the Monty VM, used as the VM behind Sun's CLDC technology for mobile phones.