Presentation: "The impact of Enterprise 2.0 on application development"

Time: Monday 15:40 - 16:30

Location: Kammermusik

Abstract: Evolution towards more dynamic, collaborative enterprises enabled by web technologies will have a profound effect on software development. One trend will be increased use of rapid development of "situational" applications using web technologies such as mashups. The techniques of collaboration on the internet that are changing the way people approach innovation and value creation in business will also significantly impact the processes of development of all software. The general trend towards complex value-chains across companies that has been greatly accelerated by the internet will profoundly alter the economic models of software development and deployment. This talk will discuss these trends and briefly describe some of the new products that IBM is developing in response.
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CTO, Rational Software Martin Nally, IBM

CTO, Rational Software Martin  Nally

Martin Nally is an IBM Fellow and currently the Chief Technology Officer for the Rational Software division of IBM. Martin joined IBM in 1990 with 10 years' prior industry experience. He has held several architecture and development positions in IBM including lead architect and developer for IBM VisualAge/Smalltalk and VisualAge/Java. Martin was one of a team of three that launched the IBM project that later became the Eclipse framework and he led the architecture, design and development of WebSphere Studio, IBM?s flagship Eclipse-based developer tool-suite that later evolved into Rational Application Developer