Presentation: "PowerShell"

Time: Monday 14:40 - 15:30

Location: Store Sal

Abstract: Windows PowerShell is Microsoft's new interactive shell, scripting language and programming language. Come learn why we concluded that the world needed another language, how we created a 3rd generation composition system levering object technology, why we think it provides the widest dynamic range of any language, how we combine imperative and functional programming elements; how we leverage object-flow technology to reduce programming, how we were heavily influenced by Bash, Perl, VMS DCL, AS/400 CL, TCL and C# and how millions of users are using PowerShell. This talk will have LOTS of demos and will preview some V2 work including distributed programming, transactions, and job control.
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Partner architect Jeffrey Snover, Microsoft

Partner architect Jeffrey  Snover Jeffrey Snover is the Partner architect for Windows Manageability at Microsoft. He is the inventor of Windows PowerShell, Microsoft's next generation Automation/Scripting technology. Jeffrey has spent the majority of his 27 years in the industry focused on the problems of network and systems management. Prior to coming to Microsoft in 2000, Jeffrey was an architect in the CTO office at Tivoli and was the development manager for NetView. Jeffrey was also a Consulting Engineer and development manager at Digital where he led various network and systems management projects. Prior to that he worked on networking protocols at Apollo Computer, MUMPs at Greystone Technology and process automation at Storage Technology Corporation.