Workshop: "Notes on Software Architecture"

Track: Tutorial

Time: Friday 09:00 - 17:00

Location: Kammermusik


Quality software systems require quality software architectures. Otherwise it is hard, if not impossible, to meet their functional and non-functional requirements or to master their inherent complexity. For instance, software architectures for systems with end-to-end quality of service demands, systems with stringent security requirements, or systems that are supposed to be in operation for 20+ years cannot be created on the fly, using contemporary middleware and tools.

Instead these architectures must be crafted with care, following a defined specification process and being based on thoughtful design decisions. This tutorial explores some of the timeless secrets of building high-quality software architectures, in terms of process, methodology, design goals, and architectural properties, to bring the foundations of building successful software into everybodies mind.

Frank Buschmann, Siemens AG, Corporate Technology

 Frank  Buschmann

Frank Buschmann is a Principal Engineer at Siemens Corporate Technology in Munich, Germany, where he leads a team of architects doing research in software architecture and design technologies and supporting development organizations in applying these technologies to develop innovative software products.

Frank's research interests include Object Technology, Platform- and Product-Line Architectures, Model-Driven Software Development, and specifically Patterns. In his development work, Frank has lead the design and implementation of several large-scale industrial software projects, including business information, industrial automation, and telecommunication systems. Frank is co-author of four volumes of the "Pattern-Oriented Software Architecture" published by John Wiley & Sons.