Presentation: "Kaazing Gateway: An Open Source HTML 5 Websocket Server"

Time: Monday 14:40 - 15:30

Location: Musikhuset C 103


Ajax killed the click-and-wait experience we once associated with the Web and today, Comet is eliminating the stale data-delivery associated with traditional Ajax techniques such as polling. However, based on recent progress within WebSockets in the HTML5 specification, Web developers can finally make streaming data to browsers in real-time a reality.

Kaazing Gateway is an Open Source, enterprise Comet solution that enables full-duplex communication from the browser to any TCP-based back-end service. Kaazing Gateway is the first Java solution that understands the WebSocket protocol and provides support for all major enterprise protocols (for example, JMS, IMAP, JDBC, Jabber, and so on).

Kaazing Gateway eliminates the need for using convoluted server- and client-side architectures to map server-side protocols to the browser over HTTP. The resulting, simplified architecture allows Web developers to use the browser's native JavaScript support to code directly against the back-end services without the need for custom Servlets or server-side programming.

That's right! Kaazing Gateway allows developers to take full advantage of the HTML 5 WebSocket interface today. Once browsers support full-duplex connectivity, per the HTML 5 specification, there is no need to change any server or client code; applications will automatically take advantage of the native browser implementations of HTML 5´s WebSocket interface with improved performance. This makes browsers first-class participants in the server-side message bus, allowing browsers to send and receive messages in text and binary form using standard server-side protocols, and to communicate directly with any back-end services over the Internet.

Kaazing Gateway also brings the elastic scalability required to support hundreds of thousands of concurrent users to Comet, as well as the performance necessary to guarantee service-level agreements within milliseconds. Come see how you can start changing the way the Web works!

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Jonas Jacobi, Kaazing

 Jonas  Jacobi

As co-founder and chief executive officer of Kaazing Corporation, Jonas Jacobi sets the company's business strategy and oversees all aspects of Kaazing's operations and mission to become the world-wide leader in real-time software.

Before co-founding Kaazing Jonas Jacobi worked as VP of Product Management responsible for the product management and marketing strategy for Brane Corporation, a startup company in Silicon Valley. A native of Sweden, Mr. Jacobi has worked in the software industry for more than sixteen years. Prior to his appointment as vice president for Brane, he worked 8 years for Oracle as a Java EE and open source Evangelist, and product manager responsible for the product management of JavaServer Faces, Oracle ADF Faces, and Oracle ADF Faces Rich Client in the Oracle JDeveloper team.

Mr. Jacobi is a frequent speaker at international conferences and has written numerous articles for leading IT magazines such as Java Developer's Journal, JavaPro, AjaxWorld, and Oracle Magazine. Jonas is co-author of the recently published book Pro JSF and Ajax: Building Rich Internet Components, (Apress).