Presentation: "How cool do users feel when interacting with your software"

Time: Tuesday 10:30 - 11:20

Location: Lille Sal

Abstract: Have you thought of how your piece of software fits into the bigger picture of users' lives? What happens before people encounter your piece of code, how do people think of it afterwards, is it a memorable experience, does it make people look at the world in a new way, does it support people in meeting new people, does it allow people to use all their bodily and people skills in the way they interact with your software? What is made easy and what is made hard? How cool do users feel when interacting with your software? This talk will give examples of how such questions are dealt with in a development process and give examples of the kind of interaction design and products that have come out of asking these questions including an interactive table, an interactive bean bag chair and a gesture-based remote control.
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Marianne Graves, University of Aarhus

 Marianne  Graves Marianne is interested in the meeting between software, people and the physical world and she think that there is a great potential in designing for new kind of software-enabled experiences, considering all these aspects. She pursues her interest as an associate research professor at University of Aarhus, Computer Science Department. Her background is in computer science and human-computer interaction and she works in close collaboration with a mix of industrial designers, computer scientists and engineers and other people who can contribute towards developing innovative interactive spaces. With her colleagues she has designed and developed things like an interactive table, an interactive sack chair and a gesture-based remote control. In addition, she does independent consulting advising companies on innovation, user experience, user-centred design and interaction design.