Presentation: "Frontiers in Data Access: The Coming Wave in Data Services"

Time: Tuesday 13:20 - 14:10

Location: Musikhuset C 103

Abstract: As SOA rapidly becomes the standard for enterprise architectures, the need for robust technologies for data access and data integration has become more critical than ever before. Due to the vital role that data plays both in business and systems operations, database architectures, information specialists, data integration experts, and anyone responsible for data persistence in an organisation are increasingly being called upon to contribute to their organisation?s SOA initiatives ? whether or not this was intended at the onset. In this presentation, we will review the technologies, best practices, and patterns that are shaping the way we utilize enterprise data.
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Technical Consultant Richard Bourke, DataDirect

Technical Consultant Richard  Bourke Richard has worked for a variety of middleware software vendors for 19 years with a continuing focus on integration of open and mainframe systems via standard architectures such as J2EE and Web Services. Richard has an MSc from Brighton University and is based in Munich for DataDirect Technologies.