Presentation: "Extending Agile Development into Build, Test and Deployment - the challenges faced by Global Enterprises"

Time: Tuesday 10:30 - 11:20

Location: Musikhuset C 103


Many global software development organisations have chosen Java, because of its platform independence and flexibility. It has allowed development teams to be agile, and responsive in processing requests for new features and software changes, and has thereby helped to reduce development times. The new bottleneck for application developers is now in the downstream activities of build, test and deployment. Few organisations are Java-only, and the added challenge of integrating heterogeneous development environments such as C, C++, C#, alongside Java is putting an added strain on engineering teams.

This presentation covers the tools and best practices that have emerged to assist developers in the areas of Continuous Integration, Agile Software Production, Integration of manual and automated testing, and deployment options. The options discussed and presented range from Open Source, to commercial enterprise solutions, and the relative merits of each are contrasted.

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European Sales Director Andrew Patterson, Electric Cloud

European Sales Director Andrew  Patterson Andrew Patterson has spent over 20 years in the software tools industry, and has previously worked for Cadence in the area of Electronic Design Automation, and most recently with Mercury, providing performance testing and automated functional test solutions to customers in Europe. He joined Electric Cloud in January 2007, and is part of the team pioneering the use of Software Production Automation solutions in European high-tech R&D organisations. He has a masters degree in Electronic Engineering from Cambridge University, UK and lives in Oxford, UK.