Presentation: "Challenges in Building Second Life"

Time: Wednesday 10:30 - 11:20

Location: Musikhuset C 103


Second Life is a large, on-line virtual world where avatars dance, fly, shop, play, meet, work, fall in love... and program. About 256k residents of Second Life have written 2.5 billion lines of code and run 30 million scripts 24/7 in a 3D landscape close to the size of Denmark.

This giant, collaborative development environment is run on a grid of over 20,000 CPUs that simulate the land of Second Life. Integrating the Mono virtual machine in to this environment has presented a huge set of challenges but also major advantages and paves the way towards a day where the Second Life software speaks as many languages as its residents.

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Jim Purbrick, Linden Lab

 Jim  Purbrick Dr Jim Purbrick has both academic and industry experience in designing and building virtual worlds. At Nottingham University he worked on the MASSIVE-3 virtual environment system and Prix Ars Electronica-winning mixed-reality games with IGDA award winners, Blast Theory. In industry Jim designed online games at Codemasters, developed networking and load balancing technology for Warhammer Online, and is currently working on scripting and networking technology for Second Life while setting up Linden Lab Brighton.