Presentation: "Case study: Oracle Mix"

Time: Monday 11:30 - 12:20

Location: Musikhuset Nr. 222


In November 2007, Oracle Mix went live after 6 weeks of hard development. The application was built using JRuby on Rails, and Oracle did this together with several consultants from ThoughtWorks.

Ola will talk about some of the lessons learned from building a social networking application using JRuby on Rails as the main technology stack. What were the challenges and benefits of the solution? What are the future plans of the application?

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Ola Bini, ThoughtWorks

 Ola  Bini

Ola Bini is a Swedish developer currently working for ThoughtWorks in Stockholm, Sweden. He has been one of the core developers for JRuby since 2006 and is the author of the APress book Practical JRuby on Rails. He has much experience with Java, Ruby and LISP, and has been involved with several other open source projects - but nowadays JRuby takes most of his time.

He has been known to like implementing languages, writing regular expression engines, YAML parsers and other similar things that exist at the borders of computer science.