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Wayne Kelly, Queensland University of Technology, Australia

 Wayne  Kelly

Dr Wayne Kelly is a Senior Lecturer and Deputy Head of School within the Faculty of Information Technology at the Queensland University of Technology, Australia. Dr Kelly joined QUT in 1996 after completing his PhD in Computer Science at the University of Maryland at College Park.

Dr Kelly's research interests include parallel computing, system's middleware and compilers. In 2006 Dr Kelly co-founded and lead the Ruby.NET project, and is now an active external contributor on the IronRuby project. His teaching interests include advanced n-tier web development and enterprise software architecture. He is married with two young daughters and enjoys cycling, cooking and poker.

Presentation: "Ruby on .NET"

Time: Tuesday 14:30 - 15:30

Location: Lokale 4A14, 4. floor


The .NET platform was designed from the beginning to support a wide range of languages. It does, however, favour statically typed compiled languages. Recently there have been a number of attempts to port more dynamic languages to the .NET platform, including Perl, Phyton and Ruby. This talk will discuss two such Ruby projects, the Ruby.NET project from QUT and the IronRuby project from Microsoft. The talk will discuss the common challenges faced by these projects, the different approaches taken and the current status of these projects. It will also explain some of the added benefits of running Ruby applications on top of the .NET platform, including the ability to execute Ruby programs within a client-side browser via Silverlight. It will discuss future plans and progress towards supporting important frameworks such as Ruby on Rails and various ORM related frameworks.