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RubyFools Copenhagen will feature 1 tutorial days, March 31, followed by two full conference days, April 1-2, with multiple tracks and talks from over 20 industry experts and thought leaders in the Ruby community.


We have witnessed the rise of Ruby from a grass-roots language to an accepted part of the toolbox of almost all self-respecting developers. This conference has been created to help novices on their way, as well as to inspire experts in the field.

Don't be a fool, be a Ruby Fool.

Keynote Tuesday

Pragmatic Programmer Dave Thomas gives a keynote Tuesday morning

Keynote Wednesday

Yukihiro "Matz" Matsumoto, the creator of Ruby, will give a keynote at RubyFools

Ruby Cave 

Imagine a dim-lit cave with beer, snacks, and power for your laptop. Add Ruby geeks, Ruby experts, and curious newcomers. Result is a learning network experience in an environment where it is accepted to find it easier to remember the geek code, than the name. This geek night will be centered around Ruby, your laptops and you.

Early registration

Register before March 19 and get a discount


Dave Thomas , The Pragmatic Programmers.

Glenn Vanderburg , Independent Consultant 

Kresten Krab, Trifork A/S

Sam Aaron, Innovation Factory

Evan Phoenix

RubyFools - also in Oslo

RubyFools also takes place in Oslo April 3.-4.

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