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Marc Prud'hommeaux, SolarMetric

 Marc  Prud'hommeaux Marc Prud'hommeaux is a Senior Software Engineer at SolarMetric. He was the lead engineer on the JDO/J2EE integration making Kodo the most effective data access tool in multi-tier architectures. He has been instrumental in developing Swing/GUI tools to make Kodo easier to use and has worked on much of the core O/R mapping facilities in Kodo, including several inheritance strategies, allowing Kodo to support more mappings than any other O/R mapping tool on the market. Finally, Marc has been instrumental in ensuring that SolarMetric's test-driven development practices. Prior to co-founding SolarMetric, Marc was a key member of the TechTrader R and D effort. Marc also worked for MIL 3 (now Opnet Technologies), the leader in network simulation software. Marc holds a BA in Math and Philosophy from Cornell University.

Presentation: "EJB3 Persistence API"

Track:   Java 5.0

Time: Wednesday 14:30 - 15:30

Location: Conference Hall 2

Abstract: In this presentation, EJB 3 spec member and Bitter EJB author Patrick Linskey will introduce the audience to the EJB 3 Persistence specification. Patrick will provide background on where EJB 3 Persistence came from and how it meets the goal of making EJB simpler. Patrick will then go through the details of the EJB 3 persistence specification with lots of code examples. By the end of the session, the audience should have a firm grasp on the basics of EJB 3 persistence including annotations for representing mappings and EJB QL, the benefits of using a POJO persistence model like EJB 3, and how to use EJB3 Persistence both when deploying to an appserver and in a J2SE application.

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Tutorial: "JDO"

Track:   Tutorials

Time: Thursday 09:00 - 12:00, 13:00 - 16:00

Location: SAS Room 12


Java Data Objects is most mature POJO persistence standards. Supporting a variety of databases, it now has standardized support for object-relational mapping, a rich query language, and multi-tier object support.

This tutorial introduces the JDO API, object-relational mapping, query language, and multi-tier distributed applications. Methods are presented for creating new persistent data, updating and deleting data in the database, and executing queries. Basic queries, aggregates, navigational queries, and flexible result set handling are explored in detail. Techniques for passing objects from one tier to the other are covered in depth.

Bring your laptop. A sample database with data and schema will be provided for you.