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Markus Hebach, Borland

 Markus  Hebach

Markus Hebach is the Product Line Manager for Together Products and modeling technologies for EMEA at Borland. He joined Borland 2002 with the TogetherSoft acquisition, and has a history of 12 years working with, or close to Borland in different areas. Markus studied computer engineering in Frankfurt (Germany), worked as a programmer with Pascal and 4GL-Languages, was an independent trainer for Delphi and co-founded a publishing company for Developer-Magazines.

His position at Borland before taking his current role was senior technical consultant for UML and Together products with a total of 16 years experience in the software business. Markus is an accomplished speaker and has presented at many conferences, seminars and training courses throughout Scandinavia and Europe.

Presentation: "Practical MDA: Model-to-Model Transformation with QVT"

Time: To be announced

Location: To be announced


While many think of MDA as just a way of separating Platform Independent Models (PIMs) and Platform Specific Models (PSMs), and then generating code from PIMs, the real advantage lies in model-to-model transformation, code generation being one kind of transformation. Working only in the PIM and generating code from it is not very practical and lacks flexibility. A different solution is needed.

In this session you will see how model-to-model transformation using Query View Transformation (QVT) and Object Constraint Language (OCL2) works. What are the benefits with this approach? How can you achieve true inter- and intra-model traceability between PIMs and PSMs to get around the limitations of model-synchronization?