What is JAOO

JAOO is an international conference on Software Engineering, Methods and Best Practices. JAOO has strong focus on Java and .NET technologies, on Webservices, SOA, Patterns, Scripting, Agility and other theories and methods within the software industry.

In 2005 JAOO is held for the ninth annual year in Aarhus, Denmark, this year with around 1000 participants. The conference participants are mainly developers and software engineers from Scandinavia.

JAOO is organized by Eastfork Object Space (EOS), a leading software company in Denmar. EOS makes software products, systems and a certified J2EE(tm) application server. EOS is also doing training and mentoring and has constantly been setting high standards for how to use (new) technologies within the software industry.

Through network and competences in the software industry, EOS has been able to create JAOO to be an annual event of international standards and JAOO has over the years become one of the leading conferences in Europe.

See www.eos.dk for more information.