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Sue Spielman, Switchback Software

Sue  Spielman

Sue Spielman is the President and Senior Consulting Engineer of Switchback Software (http://www.switchbacksoftware.com), a consulting firm that specializes in the architecture, design, and implementation of business and web application development using the latest in J2EE and J2ME technologies.

She is also co-founder of Mobilogics (http://www.mobilogics.com), a company focused on building software for the mobile data services market that utilizes geospatial technologies. Sue is the best-selling author and/or co-author of a number of technology books including: Pro J2EE 1.4 - Professional to Expert (Apress 2004), JSTL: Practical Guide for JSP Programmers (MK 2003), The Web Conferencing Book (Amacom 2003), and The Struts Framework - A Practical Guide for Java Programmers (MK 2002).

She is currently working on Pragmatic J2ME (Pragmatic Programmers) which will be available later in 2004. She speaks at conferences around the US and Canada and is a columnist for O'Reilly's OnJava.com, blogs for Java.net, and is frequently published in industry magazines including, Software Development, XML and Web Services, JavaPro, and Devx.com. Sue is also serves as a technical expert witness in technology lawsuits.

Presentation: "Integrating Mobile Field Data in the Enterprise"

Track:   Pervasive Computing

Time: Wednesday 15:45 - 16:30

Location: Nortvegia


Data, data everywhere, but how to actually make use of it? This question has been asked over and over again, yet the answer is always different depending on the needs of the organization. In this session, we'll take a look at the exciting area of the pervasive mobile enterprise. Enterprise mobility has the potential to enable extensions to existing IT solutions and take advantage of the un-tethered workforce.

This session is not about reinventing existing IT solutions, rather it's about how to take advantage of J2ME mobile technology so that devices like PDAs and smart phones become as ubiquitous as desktops and laptops. We'll first define the world of mobile field data, and then explore some of the types of J2ME applications of pervasive computing that can open a whole new world up to your organization. We'll also take look at the types of applications that we'll be seeing a lot of like LBS, GPS, and Field Force Automation.

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Presentation: "Panel Pervasive"

Track:   Pervasive Computing

Time: Wednesday 16:45 - 17:30

Location: Nortvegia