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Stephen Vinoski, IONA

Stephen  Vinoski

Chief Engineer, Product Innovation, and IONA Fellow

Steve Vinoski is Chief Engineer of Product Innovation for IONA Technologies in Waltham, MA. Steve is also an IONA Fellow. Steve joined IONA in December 1996 to start IONA's US-based Engineering organization and to lead the development of IONA's next-generation Adaptive Runtime Technology (ART), a highly flexible and high performance distributed computing engine that underlies IONA's products.

As of the start of 2003, Steve has authored or co-authored approximately 50 highly-regarded publications about distributed computing. He and Michi Henning are the co-authors of "Advanced CORBA Programming with C++", published in January 1999 by Addison Wesley Longman and widely acknowledged as the "CORBA Bible," and he has written the popular "Object Interconnections" column on distributed object computing for the C/C++ Users Journal (and formerly for SIGS C++ Report) since 1995 with Dr. Douglas C. Schmidt. He also writes the "Toward Integration" column for the IEEE Internet Computing magazine. Steve is a member of the editorial boards for the IEEE Internet Computing Magazine and the International Journal of Web Services Research.

A frequent conference speaker, Steve has traveled to many parts of the world giving tutorials and keynote speeches about topics such as CORBA, ART, and Web Services. Steve's current interests revolve around the market development aspects of innovation, and around the Eclipse open source application platform.

Steve holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Christian Brothers College (now Christian Brothers University) in Memphis, TN. He is a member of both the IEEE and ACM.


Going to JAOO

JAOO is the best technical conference I know of. All the speakers they invite are known to be working on cool stuff and known to be able to give good talks. They throw an amazing conference party, with the famous Danish chef "Chili John" Rasmussen cooking a wonderful buffet for 750 that's better than many restaurant meals prepared for only one. The party also features a rock supergroup called Absolute Girls made up of some of the finest female rock musicians in Denmark. How mint is that? In the conference schedule, they mark any talk that looks like a product pitch or marketing presentation with a red mark so you know to avoid it. The conference organizers are always on top of everything.

I was hoping to get invited to speak again this year, and I'm happy to say that I recently got my invitation -- yes!! I haven't come up with a title or abstract yet, but I'll likely speak either about multi-middleware services or about web services notifications.

Are you going? You should!

Steve Vinoski

Presentation: "What SOA Doesn't Stand For: Debunking the Myths of Service Orientation"

Track:   Service-Oriented Architectures, SOA

Time: Monday 13:00 - 14:00

Location: Conference Hall 1


Although not new, the concept of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) has recently achieved the undisputed title of "Computing Architecture Du Jour." IT publications, industry analysts, and the technology vendor community are all touting tremendous benefits that can be achieved when enterprises migrate to SOA. And make no mistake, the benefits are there. However, SOA is by no means an easy fix or a silver bullet solution that when deployed, will forever solve the challenges that your IT department faces.

IT departments need to carefully examine the goals they hope to achieve by adopting SOA and how their current infrastructure can be migrated successfully. To be successful, IT departments need to know what SOA really means and what it doesn't.

This session will explore what SOA is, and through a variety of twists on the acronym, what it isn't.

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Presentation: "Panel SOA"

Track:   Service-Oriented Architectures, SOA

Time: Monday 16:45 - 17:30

Location: Conference Hall 1

Presentation: "Selecting the correct architecture and development framework"

Track:   Business

Time: Tuesday 11:00 - 12:00

Location: Balcony

Abstract: Developers starting a new project are facing a lots of challenges: which architecture methodology to select, which development framework is the best and what about future proofing the deployed application. In this presentation we will discuss the adoption of an architecture within a company in various stages such as design, development and deployment in addition to the various strengths and weaknesses of .NET/J2EE. The conclusion is not as expected...