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Roy Oberhauser, Siemens AG

No picture of Roy  Oberhauser Roy Oberhauser is a Senior Research Scientist for Siemens Corporate Technology in their Software Architecture department in Munich, Germany. His recent research focus has been on non-functional properties, especially flexibility, that occur in software architectures and especially SOAs. Concurrently, he provides consulting to projects within Siemens divisions. Prior to joining Siemens in 1999, he worked for Hewlett-Packard and a number of other firms in the Silicon Valley.

Presentation: "Composing and Developing Agile Software in SOA Environments"

Track:   Service-Oriented Architectures, SOA

Time: Monday 14:15 - 15:15

Location: Conference Hall 1


With the escalating complexity, aggregation, and integration of software in enterprise, mobile, and pervasive arenas, it becomes increasingly difficult to compose, deploy, and operate applications that span a distributed and diverse software landscape such as Service-Oriented Architectures. The FAST (Flexible Applications with Service-based Technologies) Framework and FAST Cockpit will be demonstrated, which addresses these issues and results in benefits such as simplified distribution, deployment, configurability, dynamic reconfiguration, and improved provisioning performance.

Today's software is still coded in a static, inflexible form with structures that are not ready for the future, where software must be dynamically changeable to fit new requirements and environments. The FAST XML-based Development Approach (FXDA) provides a consistent and flexible solution for various tasks in current software engineering, such as customization/personalization, technology mapping, separation of concerns, and domain-oriented development. The underlying principles of xApproach and the FXDA Editor and Core Framework will be presented and demonstrated.

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Presentation: "Panel SOA"

Track:   Service-Oriented Architectures, SOA

Time: Monday 16:45 - 17:30

Location: Conference Hall 1