Bring Your Boss to JAOO Cannes!

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This is your opportunity to invite your boss to JAOO in Cannes. Everyone who has influence on software development decisions should know about SOA and SPI.

At JAOO in Cannes there are lots of opportunities to acknowledge the newest updates on software development. First symposium on the Manager Track is Software Process Improvement (SPI) where both the agile and the disciplined approach to software development are displayed and discussed by experts. The second symposium is about SOA, Service-oriented Architectures: A multitude of externally accessible services where all platforms can be adapted. Flexibility is the key word.

While your boss is attending the Manager Symposium you as a developer have the opportunity to learn about Tiger Release (Java 1.5), Mobile Computing, Model Driven Architecture (MDA) or Scalable and Grid Computing (J2EE)

If one person attend the Manager Symposium and another JAOO Cannes you're able go together on the trip, and furthermore there is a 10% discount on this symposium package - price. The price for two airplane tickets, stay on luxury hotel in Cannes and tickets for the Formel 1 Race in Monaco is EUR 5.040,- (DKK 37.440,-). Add 15% for registrations after May 3.

For more information, please see the page about our manager track.

Hotel Majestic
Formula 1