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Wapservice! How to get JAOO 2000 on your WAP device.
Waplogo Connect your WAP device to: http://www.jaoo.dk/wap.wml and read about JAOO 2000.

Are your WAP device connected?
Here are the settings to get started:

  • Home page: any one you like
  • Connection type: Continous
  • Connection security: Off
  • Bearer: Data
  • Dial-up number: +45 33233382
  • IP address:
  • Authentication type: Normal
  • Data call type: ISDN
  • Data call speed: 9600
  • User name: Wap
  • Password: Wapcall
These are settings for a WAP gateway supplied by Ericsson and you can use it for free.
Need a WAP emulator? Go look at http://www.forum.nokia.com/main/ - you need to register.

You don't have a WAP Phone and you would like one - then join our maillinglist and get a chance of winning one!