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Zack Exley, ThoughtWorks

Zack Exley is a ThoughtWorks consultant who advises organizations and campaigns on strategy, organizing and technology. He is a co-founder and president of the training and research organization the New Organizing Institute. In 2008, Zack researched the Obama campaign's remarkable field campaign in several states, publishing several articles during the campaign. He also worked with ThoughtWorks on technology projects with the campaign and party. In 2005, Zack directed the online campaign for the British Labor Party's re-election. In 2004 he was Director of Online Organizing for John Kerry's presidential campaign. Before that, he served as national Organizing Director at MoveOn.org, and was an adviser to the early Dean campaign.

Zack entered Internet politics via his political parody website GWBush.com, which earned him the nickname "Garbage Man" from President Bush, as well as other early experiments in online organizing. He lives in Kansas City, Missouri, and blogs at RevolutionInJesusland.com.

Attended conferences

QCon London 2009